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BIT 1 is a two-week class with the weekend off.  In this class you learn the full BIT protocol which is designed to alleviate ADD, ADHD and Dyslexia.  You are then free to take BIT 2.

In this class, you learn to address specific areas of the brain for function including:

  • The speech points (understanding what you hear and read, deciding what you want to say or write, and the physics of getting those things out through your speech or hands),
  • The entire limbic system (the powerhouse of autonomic activity that makes learning possible through the hippocampus, parahippocampus and emotional drive for learning and staying on task),
  • All visual functions (including tracking, accommodation, convergence and access to visual and emotional memory),
  • All auditory functions, eye-hand coordination and much more.




BIT 1 is the academic and bookwork aspect of BIT.

This introduction to neuroscience and learning theory has both depth and breadth.
This is the class where you learn the exact protocol for specific learning difficulties.
After this class, students should be practicing the work in case studies which is where the bulk of the learning is.

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