BIT 2 is a two-week class with the weekend off. This is a repeat of BIT 1 with other units for more efficient practices, advanced learning concepts and client management.

You are required to submit 10 completed case studies for this class.  Once you have taken BIT 2 and successfully submitted the case studies, you can be certified to be a BIT Practitioner.

To become a certified BIT practitioner you must take the BIT class twice.  The two levels are named BIT 1 and BIT 2. 



BIT 2, although it is a repeat of BIT 1, is an entirely different class.
This is the class where the connections between wiring and function become more obvious and the student starts to understand the complexity of the protocol, while addressing quality of life in addition to academics and performance based intelligence.
Not only do student garner a deep and systematic approach to rewiring the brain, they help their colleagues taking BIT 1 to understand and assimilate the material.